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Volunteer Opportunities


Great Western School strongly encourages parents/guardians to become involved with students by doing volunteer work.  We have had many parents/guardians who come to school and assist in a variety of ways.  We are thankful to you for your time.  This may include working in a classroom under the teacher’s direction, preparing materials, assisting with our library program, PTC activities, etc.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact your student’s teacher or the school office.  

Classroom observations require prior clearance from the administration.  We also like to minimize disruptions to class instruction; if you intend to bring any item to your student you may leave it in the office.  The office staff will deliver the item to your student at an appropriate time.

Guidelines for Volunteers:

  • Complete Volunteer Application Form available in the office

  • Receive Megan’s Law clearance

  • Sign-in and out in the office; secure a visitor’s pass to wear on campus

  • Minimize classroom interruptions by leaving cell phones on silent or vibrate

  • Young children should not be taken into another classroom, secure childcare for young children 

  • Follow the dress and grooming guidelines adopted by the school 

  • Follow all guidelines and expectations  of student behavior

  • Be sensitive to individual situations when working with children and keep incidences or difficulties confidential


School sponsored field trips are curriculum related and reinforce the written, taught, and tested curriculum.  These activities are designed to enhance daily instruction and provide unique learning opportunities for all students.  


Prior to each trip, guardians are requested to sign a form giving permission for their student to go on the trip.  Students without properly completed field trip forms will not be allowed to participate.  Phone permission is not legally permissible.  A student may also be excluded from the trip for disciplinary or behavioral reasons.  



The responsibilities of field trip chaperones are significant.  If you are interested in accompanying your student’s class on a study trip, it is important for you to sign up with the teacher prior to the trip. A copy of your identification must be on file in the office. Great Western School uses the Megan’s Law website as a source for selecting chaperones involved in school activities. Due to limited space on field trips and high involvement, it may be necessary for teachers to use a lottery to select chaperones.  Volunteers who are not selected through the lottery to accompany the class on the study trip will not be able to participate in or be a part of the planned itinerary and activities.  Due to safety concerns for all students and chaperones, following the bus and/or meeting the group is discouraged.


Volunteers who are chaperones must:

  • Stay with the assigned group at all times and follow the itinerary as outlined.

  • Enforce school, classroom, and other rules of the trip.

  • Report any behavior concerns to the teacher immediately.

  • Assist the teachers as needed.

  • Follow the school and district dress code as outlined in this handbook.



Our Parent-Teacher club meets on the First Thursday of September and every other month following at 5:30 PM in the staff room. Please check our calendar on the Great Western website for updates. Parents have always been a vital part of the success of our school.  The Parent Club has sponsored many fine school projects such as a recycling program for playground equipment, Winter Food Drive and special Great Western Community events.  The Parent Club sponsors the monthly student store & popcorn day as well as many other events through-out the year. We welcome your participation and invite you to join.