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Great Western Broncos Respectful Responsible Ready Sign

PBIS at Great Western School

Great Western has been a PBIS school for since 2012.  In 2018-2019 school year, Great Western was awarded the Golden Level Award, the highest level of recognition a school can receive, for the fourth year in a row.  Go Broncos!

The Great Western PBIS team meets once a month to continue to provide proactive behavior interventions (school-wide, classroom, and individualized) and supports in order to keep our school safe and effective for all Bronco students.  Emphasis is placed on prevention of problem behavior, development of pro-social skills, and the use of data-based problems solving for addressing existing behavior concerns.  

Respectful, Responsible and Ready


Use tools as intended, follow adult directions quickly, display good manners, use kind words and actions, hand to self.


Walk at all times, put forth best effort, sit and play in designated areas. 


Be on time, have materials, eyes on adults


The R.E.D. (Rewarding Expectations Day) activity has been established to recognize the many ways that students strive to uphold the school-wide expectations, Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. On a monthly basis, Great Western Elementary will host a R.E.D. activity (assembly, movie, and/or game day) in which all students without a major Office Discipline Referral are invited to attend. The R.E.D. activity allows Great Western to reward those students who demonstrate Respectful, Responsible and Ready behavior at school.


B.A.R.N. (Bringing Awareness and Reaching Needs) has been established to help support students that are experiencing a challenge in following the school-wide behavior expectations, Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. Students who receive a major Office Discipline Referral (ODR) are referred to B.A.R.N. where students receive a social skills lesson on the topic that earned an ODR. In B.A.R.N. students’ are given the opportunity to reflect on inappropriate behavior and learn strategies to increase appropriate behavior. Great Western Elementary recognizes the importance of creating an environment conducive to learning which requires positive relationships between students, families, and staff.

How can you help?

  • Review behavior expectations with your child

  • Use behavior expectations at home

  • Provide positive reinforcements (reward good choices with compliments or quality time)

  • Share comments with PBIS team members; contact your child’s school for a list of team members

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